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About Your motor home
Our RV program does not provide insurance coverage for pickup trucks or other vehicles that carry campers or tow trailers, however, please ask our Manor Insurance representative if your RV qualifies under our Auto program protection.
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Motor vehicles with living quarters attached permanently to a motor vehicle chassis or van.
The vehicle must contain ALL of the following permanently installed facilities: (acceptability criteria)
  • cooking
  • refrigeration
  • self contained heating and/or air conditioning
  • drinkable water supply system
  • bathroom facilities (built-in and plumbed)
  • 110 - 125 volt electric power system (including solar powered systems)
  • LP-gas (propane) system
Conventional (Class A)
Built on a truck chassis with single home cab and living compartment built by an RV manufacturer.
Mini Motor Home (Class C)
Built on a van or pickup chassis with original cab typically remaining visible.
Camper Van (Class B)
Van type vehicle with all Motor Home facilities. The original body shell typically remains visible. This category DOES NOT include CONVERSION VANS because they do not meet the acceptability criteria.
Professional Bus Conversion
Motor Home facilities built into a bus shell by a professional converter such as Prevost Marathon, Country Coach etc.
Non-Professional Bus Conversion
Motor Home facilities built into a bus shell by someone other than an RV manufacturer.
*Please note that School Bus conversions (professional or non-professional) are unacceptable.

Travel Trailer & Campers are non-motorized, portable units designed by the manufacturer to provide temporary living quarters for recreational or camping use and do not require special highway permits when towed.
Conventional Travel Trailer
12-35 ft wheeled vehicle, generally towed by non-commercial truck.
Fifth-wheel Trailer: 5th Wheel
Similar to conventional, constructed with raised forward section, towed with fifth-wheel hitch mounted on pickup truck bed.
Trailer with Living & Utility Quarters
Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels with a living quarter and special utility compartment in the back which is used to transport Horses or ATVs, etc.
Pop-up Camper: Pop-up/Folding
Less than 12 ft wheeled vehicle with collapsible sidewalls designed for towing with an auto
Mounted Camper
Roof, floor and sides designed to be loaded onto or unloaded from pickup truck bed.
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Reprinted with permission:  Insurance Information Institute   http://www.iii.org